Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Gottwood Festival 2012 - The Correspondents

Normally the journey home from any festival is pretty painful, but having experienced 'The Correspondents' live show at Gottwood festival in Holyhead, North Wales this weekend I was strangely excited about the fact that I was leaving my Yurt mates behind and making the trek back to London, by train, alone...... a full 4.5hrs was spent downloading EP's, checking out you tube videos and generally stalking the two most intriguing musicians I have come across in a fair while....

I had been advised that these guys were pretty special live, but I was left stood in total amazement at the sheer entertainment of their fast paced show, and total disbelief that I hadn't seen them before..!

Mr Bruce, vocalist/MC has to be one of the most mesmerising front men I have seen perform since Mick Pyro, of Republic of Loose back in 2007 and then Johnny Like, of Man Like Me in 2008..... He is the prefect concoction of super geek, ultra cool that I love, and in fact, I think I may have developed a little bit of a crush!

The set was an eclectic mix of a little bit of everything, Electro Swing, Ska, Funk and some Drum n Base thrown in for good measure, Mr Bruce bounces around the stage like The Skat Man on acid and there is major interaction with the crowd.

I did wonder how the music would come across out of a live environment but was pleasantly surprised after downloading their 'What happened to Soho' EP on my iPhone that it is just as listenable away from the crowds and in the comfort of my seat on the 12.50 from Holyhead to Euston... with 'What's happened to Soho' and 'Washington Square' being on repeat since my arrival home..

I was super excited to find out that they will be performing live at The Pleasure Gardens Festival on Saturday, a free event in London and will defo be seeing who I can drag down there to check it out!

I am a lover of most music genres, although every now and then something comes along that gets me super excited... and I have a feeling that The Correspondents may well just be my next big obsession!

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