Friday, 18 May 2012

The Strangers - There is no Genre

'The Strangers' - An MC, vocalist, bass, drums and a sultry female keys player..... It sounds like it shouldn't work, but it does... and I tell you for why here...

Each member of this band has an inner passion for music that cannot be tamed, and while I fully believe that on each of their own personal i-pods is a complete array of music genres, when they bring it together, their ability to adapt and compliment each of their separate musical styles shows true musicianship, which lets face it, nowadays is hard to find.

Without a doubt, music fans are becoming increasingly tired of manufactured artists, churned out by the Industry everyday making it all to easy to fall into line, following what some management team or TV show have pulled together, brainwashed into believing that if we do not follow, we are not cool.... its making a mockery of the 'Music Industry' and creating the 'The Industry of Cool'...

In reality, it isn't cool to sit, nod your head, tap your feet and pretend to like something that you don't... what is cool is to find something you like and stay true to it... and this is what these guys have done, and even better they have found a way to bring it all together and make people from any background appreciate and believe in it, I for one.

Frontman Terry Coventry aka 'Mr Covo' an MC and Lyricist hails from Islington, North London. Taken out of school early, Covo is no 'stranger' to hard work... and on reflection it is probably his brush with gang culture that fuels many of his lyrics, Covo is no trouble maker but it is evident that it is his experiences and values that make him want for something better in life, not just for himself but for society in general.

'The Strangers' was initially bought together by Covo a little over a year ago, with the help of friend and singer/songwriter in his own right, Robert Bowers. The duo released the single 'Stranger', produced by another close friend, Resin and released on Freeport Records in late 2010, it was from there that the pair decided to form the current band. Bowers first picked up a guitar at the age of 17, inspired by British band Oasis. He won 'Live and Unsigned' in 2007 (I was there) and most recently a single written, and performed by himself was chosen by 'The Kaiser Chiefs' to appear on an exclusive unsigned acts album licenced by Universal Records.

Andy Burt, the bands drummer, originally from herts has played drums since he was 12 years old and has worked with various rock and blues based bands, when he is not gigging with 'The Strangers' he is teaching children how to play the drums and read music.

L to R- Andy, Craig, Robert, Covo, Daisy
Craig Taylor, bassist, is originally from Malvern but now living in Wembley comes from a predominately Metal, Punk background... however, like the rest of the band has a love of all music as long as it has soul.

The last addition to the band is 26 year old London girl, Daisy Conquest, who at the age of 3 started playing the violin and went on to teach herself piano, later securing a place music school.....

I was lucky enough to be invited into the studio with the band while they rehearsed, having never been in a studio environment before I declined the offer of ear plugs... a mistake I wont be making again in a hurry!

Each member of the band is a brilliant musician in his/her own right, each of them bringing their own input. They seem to work so well together now that, just a look, or a nod can direct the others into how they are feeling and a change is made, to the tempo, the sound of the keys, the volume of the mic and it instantly sounds better...

The biggest thing that endears me to this band is their differences, as I said before, it shouldn't work.. they are bringing classically trained musicians, blues, rock, metal, rap and indie together... but it sounds right. Maybe this is the missing link, maybe this is what we have all finally been looking for... an indescribable genre of music that fits all, that bans all misconception and just makes us..well, happy...

'The Strangers' next gig is this TONIGHT, Friday 18th May at Cargo , hopefully I will see you in the front row... but if not check out the video below to find out what you will be missing and why you should be at their next gig!

Facebook: The Strangers
Twitter: The Strangers - Twitter

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