Friday, 13 April 2012

Jessie Ware - Its Happening

I first met this South London songstress around 5 years ago when she was providing vocals for the upbeat and eclectic band, Man Like Me. Back then Jessie was still studying at university but was writing, recording and performing whenever she could, in fact I am pretty sure that she managed to squeeze in a tour with Jack Penete (although don't quote me on that as it was a long time and many gigs ago!)

Luckily through friends I have managed to track Jessie's progress and am blown away by how far she has come - she already has a massive fan base, including many from the celebrity and music industry...

Below is her debut single 'Running', the Disclosure Remix is also worth checking out on youtube...!

I believe Jessie's next headline gig is on August 15h At Plan B in Brixton... hope to see you there!!

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